WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Our products are restricted to adults 21+ only.

Joy Life with E Technology

90 Days Warranty

We have certain guarantee period for our products from the date of original purchase, batteries and Mods usually come with 90 days warranty, please check the Guarantee section in item description carefully.


We provide goods exchange policy and service for all customers according to Goods Exchange Terms.

Goods Exchange Terms

1. All items must be bought from Joyetech Online Shop.
2. Items that need to exchange must meet following conditions:
 A. Defective Items
 B. Broken Items
 C. Missing Items
 D. Items not as described or ordered
3. You must check your package immediately when you receive your order.
4. All items you want to exchange must be sent back to us except some items marked by us.

Goods Exchange Procedure

1. Defective Items
Though we have an extensive testing before shipping, we can't 100% avoid this problem. After you receive your order, please test them first. If you receive any defective items, please contact us within 48 hours, we will try our best to get it squared away.
Also, we appreciate your time to fix them using the method at here.
2. Broken Items
If your items are broken unfortunately, please contact us via Emails ([email protected] ) ASAP with following information:
Serial Number:
Order Number:
Product Name:
Problem Description:
Video/video link or picture:
 1) Video/video link or picture must be straight to the point and show the problem clearly.
 2) Serial Number is a must.
3. Item Not As Described or Ordered
If the items received are not the one you ordered or not as described, please take a picture of the item with Serial number you receive and contact us with your order number. We will get back to you within 24 hours in business days.
4. Replacement -Sending
Generally, we will ship the replacement after we approve the problem. When you place your new order, please leave a message in order note to remind us of it, or you can contact us. Sometimes when the replacement is not available, we will ship your order first and leave the replacement sent to you with your next order.
If anything unclear, please feel free to contact us by [email protected]
5. Items Missing from Package
We have the confidence that each order is proceed in a fast and correct way. We record the order, weight information. We take picture before shipping for some special orders. However, sometimes mistake occures, we are always sorry for such cases, we will work hard to make sure that you become a satisfied customer.
Please don't throw away the package list attached in your parcel before you are sure that you have received all your items.
If one of your items is not listed in the package list, please send us a photo of the package list, we will response as soon as possible to make up for our mistake.


Refund Terms
 (1) All items you want to return and get refund must contact us by email directly.
 Email address: [email protected]
 (2) Items in your order we haven’t made shipment will be made refund in 24 hours after we receive your reasonable request.
 (3) Items in your order we have already made shipment will be made refund after we receive the items from you or forwarders.
 (4) Items in your order you have received must be made refund after we receive the items from you and check whether it is good and original.
Please take photos when you receive the items and package if you want to make refund and return.
Refund Procedure
 1. Make request and contact us by [email protected]
 2. Check the items and order status
 3. Provide Order Number, Product Name, Serial Number, Paypal account
 4. Please let us know after you receive the refund.

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